Haven Totes, Inc.


Serving our neighbors in need; one family, one child, and one senior at a time.

A 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit #46-3179467


Haven Totes provides food, personal care supplies and other services to children from low income families, their families and low income seniors living in care facilities. Our children’s weekend food program distributes food to over 500 children in 20 different schools.

1) Low income families, with children enrolled in our Totes for Kids Program, will have access to our new Family Food Pantry where they can receive nutritious food items during the month.

2) Children from low income families will receive weekly food totes from our weekend children’s food program throughout the school year. These totes are full of easy to prepare and nutritious food items for weekends and other times away from school when these children tend to suffer from food insecurity (hunger).

3) Low income seniors will receive hygiene supplies and other items delivered to their care facilities. Additionally, they will receive visits from our delivery volunteers.

4) With Haven Totes, volunteers, faith communities and supporters will have a place to serve their neighbors in need.

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Totes for Kids

Each week, Haven Totes volunteers deliver food totes to schools across Tucson. These food totes from our children’s weekend feeding program are then distributed to the over 500 children we serve, providing food and personal care to those who suffer from food insecurity (hunger). One in four children in Tucson don’t get enough food to eat or receive foods that provide the proper nutrition their growing/developing bodies and minds require. These are children from our very own neighborhoods. Haven Totes children’s weekend feeding program provides delicious and nutritious food items to each child.

Family Food Pantry

Haven Totes, to further our efforts of providing food and personal care to low-income children and their families, now operates a Food Pantry for the exclusive use of the families of the children we serve with weekend food. Families may visit the pantry once each month and may receive items such as: frozen meat, fresh produce, dairy products, bakery items, canned and boxed goods. Our food pantry provides nutritional food items during the month for the entire family.

Totes for Seniors

Haven Totes provides personal care items that low income seniors can’t afford. Every two weeks, these totes of personal care items are delivered to nursing homes by volunteers who spend time visiting with these men and women who might be lonely. Totes will also include magazines, puzzles etc. to help keep their minds sharp.